Discover our exquisite collection of blinds at Decor Plus 99, where style meets functionality. From elegant roller blinds to versatile vertical blinds and the latest Blinds Dealers in Zirakpur smart blinds, we offer a range of options to transform your windows. Elevate your interior design with our selection of window coverings.

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Roller blinds operate via a simple rolling mechanism, where the fabric rolls up or down around a central tube to adjust light and privacy levels in a room.

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Zebra blinds feature a dual layered fabric design that allows for adjustable light control by aligning the sheer and solid stripes and also gives control on privacy.

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Roman blinds use folding segments to adjust light and create a sleek, flat appearance when down, offering both style and functionality.

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Honeycomb blinds use their cellular structure to trap air, providing both insulation and flexible light control through their adjustable design.They also come in day and night variant.

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Venetian/ Vertical blinds, with horizontal/vertical slats, adjust light and privacy by tilting and moving the slats.They may come in wooden, aluminium and other materials.

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Tailor your blinds to your preferences with the option to create unique window treatments, including balloon blinds and Austrian blinds, adding a personalized touch to your decor.

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