Rugs & Carpets

Rugs & Carpets

Elevate your flooring with our exquisite collection of rugs and carpets at Decor Plus 99. From luxurious, soft textures to vibrant patterns and a variety of sizes, we offer a range of options to complement your interior design. Explore our selection to find the perfect piece to enhance the comfort and style of your space.

Rugs And Carpets 7 - Decor Plus 99

Geometric or lines patterned carpets bring a sense of order and style to your floors, adding a visually captivating element to your living spaces.

Rugs And Carpets 6 - Decor Plus 99

Luxurious Persian or Turkish silk carpets, woven with intricate designs, elevate your space with their opulence and soft, shimmering textures.

Rugs And Carpets 5 - Decor Plus 99

Modern foil-printed carpets feature contemporary designs with a touch of glamour, elevating your space with their sleek patterns and metallic accents.

Rugs And Carpets 4 - Decor Plus 99

Office carpet tiles combine functionality and style, providing durable, modular flooring solutions that enhance the professional atmosphere of workspaces.

Rugs And Carpets 3 - Decor Plus 99

Gym carpet tiles combine durability and design, featuring a modular system that allows for easy replacement of individual tiles.

Rugs And Carpets 2 - Decor Plus 99

PVC wooden flooring offers the charm of wood with enhanced durability, using interlocking planks for straightforward installation and replacement.

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