Elevate your decor with our premium hardware collection at Decor Plus 99. Discover exquisite handles, knobs, and fixtures that add a touch of elegance and functionality to your space. Explore our diverse range to find the perfect hardware solutions for your interior design needs.

Hardware 5 - Decor Plus 99

M channel: A unique, 'M'-shaped channel designed to provide sturdy support for curtains.

Hardware 4 - Decor Plus 99

I Channel: Featuring an 'I' shape, this flexible channel is ideal for L-shaped corners.

Hardware - Decor Plus 99

Enhance your window treatments with our versatile collection of rods and complementary accessories.

Hardware 3 - Decor Plus99

Jumbo Channel, a heavy-duty upgrade of the M channel, offering enhanced strength and durability for your specific needs.

Hardware 2 - Decor Plus 99

Silent Channel: Engineered for noise reduction, effectively dampening vibrations during operation.

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